Saturday, March 24, 2007


I could write 50,000 words.

No I couldn't

Yes I could.

If you put together all the fiction I've written in the last five years, it wouldn't amount to 50,000 words. 10,000 words for "One Bad Thing". 5,000 words for "The Road Song", and two or three shorter stories of 2,000 words or so.

They're good words, though. High quality words. Each one lovingly prepared and simmered to perfection.

I haven't written any fiction since 2004. But, I have done some writing... an account of our time in New Orleans... a blurb about our home group for the church newsletter... just this evening I wrote a techie article about using javascript to write roguelikes (a subject about which, you'll have to admit, I am a relative expert).

And there's this blog. If blogging is writing. Blogging might just be blogging. I dunno.

Hmm. I take that back -- I have written some fiction recently -- the backstory to the Seven Day Quest.

Clearly I need to exercise my fiction muscles! Time for a new story. Maybe about the Natchez Trace.

If anyone adds a comment to this post asking for it, then I'll put one of my short stories up on the web, so you can see what I'm talking about.

No point in doing that if I'm just talking to myself, though.


SZDev - Slash said...

Hmm... mayhaps I could get into Nanowrimo... not that I am a writer, but I may try :P

When will it take place?

capmango said...

NaNoWriMo occurs during the month of November. i.e., you can't write your first word until November 1st, and you must finish your 50,000th word by November 30th.

JohnH said...

Hey, are you THE Glenn R. Wichman, e.g., co-creator of Rogue?

JohnH said...

Aaaand yes, put up the short story!

capmango said...

Yes, I am indeed "The" Glenn R. Wichman. And, now that I know this blog is being read by at least 2 people, I will upload the short story. Expect a link to it in a couple days.