Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Battle Rages

Five O'clock on Sunday. Still a long way to go today, but monsters chase you and fight you and you kill them or they kill you.

Thought I'd need an involved chase algorithm, but a dumb one seems to be working fine. So there's some infrastructure in there that I won't be using for now.

I've only put in stats for about 8 of the 49 total monsters. And of course, those stats will probably need adjusting.

Trying to balance the game is my biggest worry; I won't have time to play even one full game before I have to publish, so I could end up with something impossible to win and I'll never know it. I wonder how others have handled it?

I'm basing a lot on a few key numbers that I can adjust. I may make it so that players can adjust it and balance the game for themselves.

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