Friday, March 16, 2007

Back Story

The town of Wentora has long been a prime tourist destination. Folks from all over Thorphilia would come to Wentora during tourist season to see the famed Amulets of the Seven Planets (or, as they later came to be known, the Amulets of the Six Real Planets and One Dwarf Planet).

But, tragically, during the bleak midwinter, a mysterious cataclysm caused the seven amulets to be dispersed throughout the Dangerous Realms -- seven magical areas that can only be reached through mysterious magical portals.

These magical portals have been reopened, but there is only one week to go until Tourist Season begins! The economic consequences for Wentora will be dire if the amulets cannot be recovered in time.

So the townspeople of Wentora have offered a substantial reward to any rogue who is willing to brave the Dangerous Realms, find the seven amulets, and return them before tourist season begins.

But (having been burned by rogues before), the townspeople want results. The Rogue who takes on the task must have one amulet back within 24 hours, or the townspeople will give the task to someone else.

As a matter of fact, the Rogue is told, if you can't come back with an amulet at the end of each day, don't bother coming back at all.

You are that Rogue, and this is your Seven Day Quest!

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