Friday, March 16, 2007

Give it a Try!

I uploaded the latest this morning before I left for work. I just tried it out (from work), and noticed that healing does not seem to be happening.

But you can definitely get a feeling for the game if you go there. Try out a level or two. See if you can find an amulet! If you give me feedback this afternoon, I might be able to incorporate it tonight.

I talked about pulling an all-nighter tonight, but that really isn't realistic. The game needs to be done by 7 am saturday, but I have a church board meeting at 9 am Saturday, so I really need to be able to sleep Friday night. I figure my effective deadline is midnight tonight. I may not get back to the computer before 8pm, but 4 hours should be plenty to finish what absolutely needs to be done.

Again, if you read this post, try the game here.

One more caveat: for certain realms, the very first time it draws a level, especially on IE, it will be very, very slow (like 20 seconds until the level fully shows up). This will be fixed by morning; it' s just a matter of preloading the .png's, but for now be patient. And remember that right now, balance doesn't actually work. The UI is there (although it doesn't go away once you bring it up, unless you refresh the screen), but it's not hooked up to anything.

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