Wednesday, October 29, 2008

24 Hour Comic Day -- The Movie

Yes, they filmed us. If you want to get a great idea of what the event was like -- and hear some odd interview questions get lethargic answers from sleepy contestants including yours truly, then click the links, if you dare:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Thanks to Shawn and Daniel for creating the videos!

Monday, October 20, 2008

24 Hour Comic On-Line

Okay, I'm planning on adding some more information (I also need to do a post here recapping everything), but for those of you who can't wait, my 24-hour comic is posted now, right here:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Declare Victory!

Just finished the final page and checked through all 24. Overall, I'm pretty happy. I stayed awake all night, and I succeeded. The comic is pretty lame looking, but I'm okay with that -- I'll get better in time for next year.

I won't have the comic online until tomorrow at the earliest; I may not have time to get it online until next weekend. But I'll let you know.

Ryan is just finishing up his (far superior) 24 hour comic. I'm going to stick around and read his once he's done -- then it is off to my hotel for some sleep!


Yes I am still here. 20 pages down, 4 to go, slightly more than 5 hours in which to finish. So I'm feeling good about making it. I'm also feeling like I wish I was a more capable artist. Lots of times I wanted to draw something, but just had no idea how.

Looks like Ryan and I are the only ones still in the running to actually meet the challenge. DJ was keeping up, but he just gave up and went home. Daniel is still here, but he was never on pace to get 24 pages done. There are people who are putting out high quality (like Daniel), and people putting out high quantity (like me). Ryan is the only one doing both. But Ryan makes his living as a comic book artist, so.... whaddaya expect.

Anyway, I just ran out to Starbucks to caffeine up for the final 5 hours. Gotta go drink my quad-venti now.

Everyone Else

I was going to try to do a blog post on all the other folks doing this with me. But, Sean who runs Spazdog has already done that on his blog, so I will just point you there.

Four AM

Four a.m.

I made a couple really simple pages, so I have 18 down, 6 to go. I need to take a break.

I am 10 to 20 years older than everyone else here. I'm too old for this. Whine whine whine.

Actually, I'm still having fun. I may not be coherent though.

Am I making sense? Or snese? or nsene olfjc nsdl sdfljeia ??

This Is Where It Gets Crazy

2:30 a.m. Fifteen pages done. My thumb is killing me. My back isn't real happy either. But I'm not tired and I'm not about to give up.

Aha Break

One in the morning. Fourteen pages done (and the latest is my best yet, I think). Things are getting a bit silly now, while a pile of geeks high on energy drinks. We just took a break to watch this video, and to roll on the floor laughing.

By the way, my wrist is doing fine. It's my thumb that is killing me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Half Way Point

Just finished my twelfth page. There is a TV tuned to SNL that is trying to distract me now. But I'm going to try to press on.

Going to take a quick walk.... stretch my legs...

Pizza Break!

Page 9 not quite finished when the pizza arrived. We've lost a couple guys already. A couple others are being waaaay too detailed and won't possibly finish 24 pages (some are still on page 1 or 2). But I think four or five of us still have a shot.

Momentarily Ahead of the Game

Just finished page 8 -- 45 minutes ahead of the pace. But there will be pizza at 8, so I need to not get cocky... I should try to finish one more page before the pizza gets here.

Out of Ideas...

Hey, we're a quarter of the way through! Six pages in six hours. Six straight hours of drawing is the most I've ever done before (and that was years ago...) So now we are heading into unexplored territory....

My wrist is holding up and I'm reasonably happy with the drawings... But now I'm out of ideas.... Must think... Need more caffeine...


Five hours (almost) gone. Five pages done. I was half an hour behind, now I'm all caught up. Even had time to take a break and get my picture taken with the Red Bull Girls.

Yeah, I kinda cheated. You'll see when it all goes online....

The Earlier You Fall Behind...

The longer you have to catch up....

3 pages done... 15 minutes behind...

Two O'Clock

Two pages done... Just barely... don't bother me now!!!!!

First Page Done!

Okay, I guess I'm on track so far. I think everyone else's stuff looks better than mine, but hey, I'm the only one with a finished page. I'm pacing myself....

Five Minutes...

Really, really regretting forgetting the camera now. There are about 5 of us here now, and everyone else looks like comic artists. Most brought computers and everyone's trying to find a place to plug in. One guy as an enormous tower, not a laptop.

Ooh, I've got butterflies...

Spaz Dog

Well, here I am already ensconced at Spazzdog Comics -- an entire hour early. I wanted to make sure I could find the place and I overcompensated.

They say that about a dozen folks will be participating here!! That's a lot more than I expected. At the moment I'm the only one here. Excepting of course the good folks who run the place.

Aside from forgetting to bring my camera, I also forgot to bring a book I bought about how to draw cartoon animals. I'll just have to get by... Good news is that they have electricity and wi-fi here, so I will be able to check in on the blog from time to time, and search for images on the internet when I need a model.

So... I guess I'll look around at the comics and help myself to a free Bawls energy drink (Bawls is the sponsor of 24 hour comics day).

Friday, October 17, 2008

Glenn Dale

Well, just about 14 hours until the start of the big challenge. I have arrived safely at my hotel in Glendale (actually, I think the hotel is just over the border in Phoenix, but the challenge will take place in Glendale).

I'm going to try to stay up kinda late tonight so I don't wake up too early tomorrow. Might go back out and scope out the area, figuring out where I'm going tomorrow, where the nearby 7-11s and Starbucks are, etc.

When rushing out the door, I forgot my camera, so I won't have any photos to post. Dang.

My good friend Steve (readers of my other blog might remember Steve) is one of a couple people I'm still in touch with who could remember my drawings from 30 years ago. He has taken a look at my practice page and allowed as how the style looks familiar but he has seen me do better.

Well... yeah... I'm a bit rusty. But anyway, the challenge isn't to create something good in 24 hours, just to create something 24 pages long in 24 hours. There's definitely some tension there. If I create 23 pages of the best work I've ever done in my life; I lose. If I create 24 pages of useless drivel, I win. Of course, I am hoping to create something good. Good things can happen fast. As I understand it, Grapes of Wrath was written in six weeks. It could almost have been a NaNoWriMo. So there you go.

Anyway, keep your expectations low enough, and I might just surpass them.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unleashing My Inner Cartoonist

Well, less than 48 hours to the start of the Big Event. I've been practicing some more and I think I've got a good feel for what I can do at a 45-minute-per-page creation rate.

Two worries: Will my ideas hold out, and will my wrist hold out?

I'm resurrecting an art-and-humor style that I developed back in High School, along with my good friend Chris Peterson. We drew extremely odd cartoons that we called Foodles. We had about four or five hard core fans who could not wait to see our next creation. Pretty much everyone else who saw the Foodles just stared blankly and wondered if we might need counseling or rehab.

I've got a couple more practice pages in various states of doneness; doubtful that I'll post them before the Big Event. I'm leaving for Glendale tomorrow after running (i.e. sometime around 7pm); I'll see how much blogging I can do during the contest. Hopefully they'll let me set up my laptop and they'll have wi-fi so I can check in from time to time. If not, I'll at least check in from the hotel before and after.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

One-Hour Comic

Wow, I finally found an uninterrupted hour! I used it to practice doing one page of a 24-hour comic. This may or may not end up being similar to a page that I'll actually use in the contest. I need to be careful not to get too far ahead of myself.

This page actually took me about 70 minutes from trying-to-think-of-what-to-draw to finished-with-the-inking, so I need to either simplify or figure out how to draw faster (or think up ideas faster).

Anyway, the page is here to give you an idea of what I can do:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue Pencil -- is that too much to ask?

I'm feeling pretty good about the 24 hour comic... I'm feeling good about being able to come up with stuff to say, and I'm feeling good about reawakening my drawing skills after years of dormancy.

I still want to start by making sure I can do a one-page comic -- conceived, laid out, penciled and inked -- in one hour (with plenty of time to spare -- I will need to take breaks after all!) I really need to get a handle on just how much detail I can go into. I don't want to get overambitious. I've looked at a few samples out there on the interwebs and mostly they don't try to get complex.

For the seven-day-roguelike, I knew I was right where I belonged -- I can hold my own against pretty much any programmer. For the triathlon, I knew I was way out of my league, I'm not a real athlete by any stretch. I'm interested to see what it is like being in a room full of comic artists. Do I count as a real artist, or just a real programmer pretending to be an artist?

Today I bought art supplies. I have plenty of paper, a battery-powered pencil sharpener, a couple magic rub erasers, 3 black Tombow N-15 acid-free pen/brushes...

But I searched 3 places -- Michael's, Office Max, and Aaron Brothers -- for Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue pencils... No luck! I ended up buying a few Prismacolor non-photo-blue pencils, but they just aren't quite right. I need my Col-Erase! I finally ordered 4 dozen of them online. Meanwhile, we'll see if I can get by using the prismacolor just for practice...sigh.

We artists are quite temperamental.