Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue Pencil -- is that too much to ask?

I'm feeling pretty good about the 24 hour comic... I'm feeling good about being able to come up with stuff to say, and I'm feeling good about reawakening my drawing skills after years of dormancy.

I still want to start by making sure I can do a one-page comic -- conceived, laid out, penciled and inked -- in one hour (with plenty of time to spare -- I will need to take breaks after all!) I really need to get a handle on just how much detail I can go into. I don't want to get overambitious. I've looked at a few samples out there on the interwebs and mostly they don't try to get complex.

For the seven-day-roguelike, I knew I was right where I belonged -- I can hold my own against pretty much any programmer. For the triathlon, I knew I was way out of my league, I'm not a real athlete by any stretch. I'm interested to see what it is like being in a room full of comic artists. Do I count as a real artist, or just a real programmer pretending to be an artist?

Today I bought art supplies. I have plenty of paper, a battery-powered pencil sharpener, a couple magic rub erasers, 3 black Tombow N-15 acid-free pen/brushes...

But I searched 3 places -- Michael's, Office Max, and Aaron Brothers -- for Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue pencils... No luck! I ended up buying a few Prismacolor non-photo-blue pencils, but they just aren't quite right. I need my Col-Erase! I finally ordered 4 dozen of them online. Meanwhile, we'll see if I can get by using the prismacolor just for practice...sigh.

We artists are quite temperamental.


JohnH said...

I remember searching for just that type of pencil, an erasable no-photo blue, a few years ago, with similar results. I ended up going with the non-erasable, on the theory that hey, at least it won't show when scanned.

I did have a look at your practice page in the next post. Hey now, that's not bad!

capmango said...

I now have eight dozen erasable non-photo blue pencils!!!! Nothing can stop me now!