Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unleashing My Inner Cartoonist

Well, less than 48 hours to the start of the Big Event. I've been practicing some more and I think I've got a good feel for what I can do at a 45-minute-per-page creation rate.

Two worries: Will my ideas hold out, and will my wrist hold out?

I'm resurrecting an art-and-humor style that I developed back in High School, along with my good friend Chris Peterson. We drew extremely odd cartoons that we called Foodles. We had about four or five hard core fans who could not wait to see our next creation. Pretty much everyone else who saw the Foodles just stared blankly and wondered if we might need counseling or rehab.

I've got a couple more practice pages in various states of doneness; doubtful that I'll post them before the Big Event. I'm leaving for Glendale tomorrow after running (i.e. sometime around 7pm); I'll see how much blogging I can do during the contest. Hopefully they'll let me set up my laptop and they'll have wi-fi so I can check in from time to time. If not, I'll at least check in from the hotel before and after.

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