Sunday, October 19, 2008


Yes I am still here. 20 pages down, 4 to go, slightly more than 5 hours in which to finish. So I'm feeling good about making it. I'm also feeling like I wish I was a more capable artist. Lots of times I wanted to draw something, but just had no idea how.

Looks like Ryan and I are the only ones still in the running to actually meet the challenge. DJ was keeping up, but he just gave up and went home. Daniel is still here, but he was never on pace to get 24 pages done. There are people who are putting out high quality (like Daniel), and people putting out high quantity (like me). Ryan is the only one doing both. But Ryan makes his living as a comic book artist, so.... whaddaya expect.

Anyway, I just ran out to Starbucks to caffeine up for the final 5 hours. Gotta go drink my quad-venti now.


Nina said...

You are awesome and amazing and I'm so impressed!!!! Go Gle-en, Go Gle-en, Get your groove on, Go Gle-en! (I always wanted to be a cheerleader!)

Can you ice your thumb? Make sure you do so at least after this is all over.

I'm off to set up for you so much!!!!

The Misfit Toy said...

good morning!

you should get an iced coffee for the thumb