Sunday, March 11, 2007

Reliving My Misspent Youth

In the spirit of the contest, I ordered a large pepperoni, sausage and bacon pizza and drank several cans of coke last night; the empties are piled on my desk. Donuts and strong coffee for breakfast this morning. I can probably survive one week of hacker food.

I was putting together a playlist of songs to code by ... I went with songs about adventerous things, but I'm thinking maybe I should do a playlist of songs from the early '80s, the stuff we were listening to when we were writing Rogue long ago. I have very strong memories of freezing in a cabin in Lake Tahoe, designing the characters for the Mac version while Michael wrote the code, listening to Phil Keaggy's "Play Through Me" over and over. Unfortunately, Play Through Me is out of print and not available on iTunes. We also listened to a lot of early Steve Taylor and Daniel Amos. (Well, we didn't think it was early when we were listening to it, but it is now)


Looks like we have seven contestants this year in addition to myself. Read all about it at


So I'll be able to start coding this morning by 10 a.m., not too bad. The crucial things for today are monster movement, fighting, and save & restore game. I was going to leave save & restore for late in teh week, figuring that I could declare success even without that functionality, but now I'm thinking that it's better to have the infrastructure for it earlier than later.

As I go, I'm testing the code on Windows usng firefox & IE 6, and I will probably do a little testing on Safari Mac. Hopefully it will work fine in other browsers as well, but I won't have any time to make sure of that.

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C.M.Shoga said...

Wow! Sounds like you're really on a roll! Good luck! (I can test it on Firefox for Mac if you want.)