Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Quarter to 11 on Thursday. I was going to upload the latest, which is coming together nicely, but I think sleep is the most important thing right now. Tomorrow I have to go back to work. Tomorrow night I can pull an all nighter if necessary.

The only task that's absolutely necessary before declaring victory is finishing the monsters; I've got about 40 done and 10 to go. So I feel confident I'll meet the challenge.

Other things I'd like to accomplish:
- usable fully from keyboard or fully from mouse. Right now you have to use keyboard for everything except using objects in your pack, and you have to use mouse for using objects in your pack.
- traps. Haven't done those at all
- more special abilities for monsters. Only one right now (scorpion sting)
- nicer "you win" screen
- nicer "you lose" screen
- complete instructions
- way to clear a saved game
- hook up the UI to the game balancer
okay, this needs some explaining. I knew I wouldn't have time to balance the game, so I have put game balancers into the hands of the player. You will be able to adjust your vorpalness, monster vorpalness, monster frequency, treasure frequency, and time scale. Once it's been playtested a bunch we can freeze these values.

Okay, a line count before I go to bed:
Looks like on the order of 3500 lines.

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