Saturday, March 3, 2007

Seven Days Until...

Okay, the first stage in my trilogy/triathalon begins one week from today. I'll have the full day to work on this on Saturday, and most of Sunday (might see if I can get out of going to church). The rest of the week I'll only have spare time.

I may set some stuff up today -- no actual rogue programming of course, that would be cheating, but get together all the javascript libraries and exising non-rogue-specific code that I'm going to use. Also map out a timeline for the development. Saturday will be the most important day.

For the game, I think I want to go with the different-evironment-each-day plan, though I don't think I'll have enough time to really represent it graphically. Here's a proposal for each quest's environment and magic item
Day 1: Cave -- wand of mercury
Day 2: Forest -- potion of venus
Day 3: Desert -- key of mars
Day 4: Castle -- boots of jupiter
Day 5: Islands -- amulet of neptune
Day 6: Under water -- dog tags of pluto
Day 7: dream world/sky -- mirror of saturn

or something. Needs work. Well, I've got a week....

I think I will leave out rings, food, and gold, just to reduce the scope of the effort...

Here's a straw man development plan:
Saturday: map, levels, rodney, keyboard input, movement, stairs, messages
Sunday: pack/inventory, basic monsters
Monday: hand-to-hand weapons, armor, more monsters
Tuesday: wands & staves. more monsters
Wednesday: potions and scrolls, save & restore game
Thursday: distance weapons, amulets
Friday: transitions, intro, clean-up, testing

Maybe I should download and play some other seven day roguelikes to have a look at what is out there, huh?

All right, I'll do that, and let you know how it goes.

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