Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hump Day

I have obligations this evening that will probably take a couple hours out of my precious coding time. sigh.

Fortunately, I was able to put in almost 2 hours this morning before work; got weapons fully coded up but not debugged or tested.

Also redid the graphics for the base environment. Looks much better, although graphics is one of the things I'm being sloppy with in order to finish in time.

Other sloppy parts:
- Battle system made up on the fly. No idea if it makes for balanced play
- Really lame monster chase algorithm (just move-towards-Rodney)
- Really lame sight system (whole map always visible, object visible if they are nearby, no checking for line-of-sight or even in-same-room -- might try to improve this if time permits)

And lots of things intentionally left out for time's sake ---
food, rings, wands & staffs, mazes, gold, party rooms (hey, maybe I can put that in...)

The main thing "added" (added compared to original rogue that is, I assume there are other roguelikes out there that do this) is the time constraint. You have to find 7 amulets, and you have 24 hours to find the first one. Each one you find gives you another 24 hours to find the next one.

That plus the seven different environments -- final list: Cave, Forest, Desert, Castle, Islands, Under Water, Dream World.

Everything else is minor variations on the classic theme.

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