Sunday, March 11, 2007

Arg wu Sentifinticate Nar Dunderford

11:30 pm sunday. I have had it for today. Can't decide if I'm making enough progress or not. Starting tomorrow this is spare time only.

The fighting system is done and working, hit points, experience points, going up levels, etc. But I only have a few monsters and I haven't implemented any special abilities yet (infrastructure is there, though).

Also, treasures are created and placed about the dungeon. You can pick them up and they go in your pack; you can drop them and they go back on the floor. That's about all you can do with them, but it's progress.

I'm up to 1700 lines of code in 17 files now.

But I'm getting bleary -- near that point where I'm likely to do more harm than good if I keep going. So, it's update the blog and get some sleep.

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