Friday, September 17, 2010

The Seven Day Quest Comes Out of Its Coma

Well, looks like my blog has really caught on with Chinese spambots. Nice to know it at least has some appeal.

Audience, it has been one year and twenty four days since my last post. I find that my life has taken a turn for the precarious. As you may have gathered, I did not, in fact, make it to Spaz Dog last year. I missed that 24-hour comic day.

24-Hour Comics Day 2010 is October 2nd. This year, I don't know if Spaz Dog is hosting an event. There is a comic shop in Phoenix that is hosting, but I haven't the time or money to go there this time. But, I intend to create another 24-hour comic nonetheless. I will be hosting my own mini-event at my house, with Caleb and myself each taking on the challenge.

I intend to be blogging throughout, of course because I don't want to disappoint the spambots.


JohnH said...

Ah, great to see another post! Welcome back!

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