Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

Well, look at the calendar...

It's closing in on a year gone by... I haven't raced in any 5Ks or triathlons, I haven't been kayaking, and I have not drawn a single image since last year's 24-hour comic.

Hey, did I even tell you that I showed my 24-hour comic to professional comic artist Corey Pandolph, and even got feedback from him? That was very cool.

Anyway, I had all these plans last year (notice how I always have all these plans?) that I would really work on my drawing skills so that I didn't look like such a N00b at the next 24-hour comic. And I have done zip. Not so much as a freehand pencil sketch. Though, in my defense, I have won an awful lot of games of solitaire in the interim.

Anyway, this year, 24 hour comics day is October 3rd. So, you know, looming. I dunno if Spazdog is going to host again, but I hope so (they aren't on this list yet, but there are only about 6 places registered so far). I'd love to do it at Spazdog again.

Although, if some place in Minnesota hosts it, I might just hafta go there.

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